Things to do in Victoria British Columbia Canada

1.The Butchart Gardens


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Regardless of the season, The Butchart Gardens are certain to put on a series. Get your blossom fix by heading into the world-renowned gardens in the evening because of their”Night Illuminations.” Gorgeous flowers together with twinkling lights beneath a starlit skies? It will not get any more spectacular compared to that! (Inside suggestion: stop from on select Saturday nights to see an impressive fireworks show light up the nighttime skies ).

2.Tea at the Empress

For over a hundred decades, the Empress’ elegant Lobby Lounge was the spot to visit to get an authentic British tea and pastry experience. Pick from a variety of 21 of the best loose leaf teas married with mouthwatering treats, and assess this Victoria must-do off your listing.

  1. Royal BC Museum

Discover authentic specimens and artifacts from remote times and places exhibited from the Royal BC Museum’s interactive displays. Twist back to the Ice Age or stand alongside grizzlies at a Huge woods in the Natural History Gallery or ramble involving the richly carved totem poles from the First Peoples’ Gallery.

Spend a day discovering the effective culture that rose from the tropical rainforests of Central America at the museum’s new exhibition,”Maya: The Fantastic Jaguar Rises,” (May 17 — Dec 31). Wander through the immersive screen, find out about the 30 Mayan languages spoken today and check out over 280 artifacts, for example striking jade-and-gold jewelry along with a almost 10-foot-long statue of a guy with jaguar features.

Discover gigantic artifacts from the Royal BC Museum’s”Maya: The Fantastic Jaguar Rises” display. Charge: Royal BC Museum

  1. BC Parliament Buildings

Parliament Buildings Victoria BC Canada

Tow Truck Titans Victoria 2-3340 Tennyson Ave, Victoria BC V8Z 3P3 (778) 400-6067

Overlooking Victoria’s imperial Inner Harbour, the Parliament Buildings are a 19th-century pub. Spend some time researching the almost block-long expanse of this Parliament Buildings to discover details in the complex structure which you would’ve missed out of the road. (Have you seen the ram fighting with the dollar?) One of the best commemorations of Canada’s liberty, there’s no more apt place to visit on Canada’s birthday come July 1.

  1. Johnson Street

Hit up Victoria’s shopping mecca around LoJo (that is lower Johnson Street for the uninitiated) to indulge in some serious, guilt-free shopping in the collection of excellent boutiques and pick up some new threads. Or point a Wes Anderson-inspired take away from the candy-colored storefronts in this special portion of the city

Pop into one of the numerous unique boutiques online Johnson Street. Charge: Destination Greater Victoria

  1. Abkhazi Gardens and Teahouse

Produced in 1946 by Prince and Princess Abkhazi, the Abkhazi gardens are famous for their majestic trees and dynamic, evolving plantings. Stay for lunch or day tea at the first residence, where you are going to feel like a personal guest of the Abkhazis.

  1. Pickle Boat “Ballet”

Whenever the Victoria Harbour Ferries were initially brought to Victoria in 1990, the skippers were astonished in their maneuverability. Each Sunday from May to September and weekend in July and August, these merry little ships put to a intriguing screen of beautifully manicured sequences.

Hop on one of Victoria’s adorable Harbour Ferries and zip round the Inner Harbour. Charge: Scott Meis

  1. Miniature World

Frequently called”The best little show in the world,” Miniature World is a one-of-a-kind Victorian adventure. The ideal action for the youthful and young at heart, that this unique and quaint museum attracts everything out of historic struggles to youth dream lands to life in tiny.

  1. Still Life

Arguably one of Victoria’s leading fashion merchants, Still Life has “for him” and”for her” stalls on Johnson Street. Something of a regional gem, the store has become the city’s origin for emerging fashion for at least three decades and includes clothing curated from forward-thinking brands like Montreal’s Ursa Minor or Denmark’s Minimum.

  1. Historical Chinatown

Canada’s earliest Chinatown district has lots to visit, we indicate exploring this vibrant neighborhood by foot on a historic walking tour. Duck beneath the immense Gate of Harmonious Interest, stroll down Fan Tan Alley, find a maze of courtyards and pathways in addition to everything from theatres to stores to one-way restaurants. Reserve this excursion with Clipper, learn more.

Explore everything in the Gate of Harmonious Interest into historic buildings in Victoria’s Chinatown

  1. Craigdarroch Castle

Have a tour of the ornate Victorian castle, constructed from the coal baron Robert Dunsmuir between 1887 and 1890, and instantly feel transported into a cosmopolitan place. Meander through the 39 rooms chock full of wealthy, Victorian-era furnishings, classic photographs and a few of the very exquisite stained glass in North America. Reserve this excursion with Clipper, learn more.

  1. Hatley Castle

Originally serving as a dormitory for cadets in Royal Roads Military College, the magnificent Hatley Castle is presently a popular filming location for films like X-Men and Deadpool. Want a glimpse inside yourself?

You are in luck! The castle is also the administrative centre of Royal Roads University and provides daily tours to learn more about the lavish interior and notched battlements.

  1. Government House

Constructed in 1860, the Government House is the official home of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Love gardening? Wander throughout the grounds’ 36 acres, that can be broken into numerous zones based on vegetation and garden design. Should you have to give your feet a break, swing from the seasonal tea home to get a steaming cup of herbal tea and pastries.

  1. Fort Rodd Hill and also the Fisgard Lighthouse

Located at the edge of the Esquimalt Lagoon, this lighthouse was the very first on Canada’s West Coast! Climb to the upper floor of this building to soak in stunning views (on a transparent day you can see all of the way across the Strait of Juan de Fuca) or scamper out into the crimson Adirondack chairs to snap a selfie.

Discover original firearms, interesting underground magazines and camouflaged searchlight emplacements constructed over a hundred decades back in Fisgard Lighthouse. 

  1. Royal Theatre

An opera house and concert hall made in 1912, the theatre keeps its first Rococo/Renaissance Revival style décor. Soak in the eye diamond design on the front entry, then pop inside for a memorable performance.

  1. Ann’s Academy

An icon in the mid-1800s, St. Ann’s is a historical treasure older than the Empress Hotel and the Parliament Buildings. Remember to explore the cathedral, which boasts elaborate gold-leaf detailing first oil painting along with other relics of yesteryear. You might even stumble upon a resident ghost or 2.

  1. Emily Carr House

Discover that the birthplace of Emily Carr and also Find out More about the painter and author who had been heavily motivated by the Native American peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The childhood home of Victoria’s celebrated performer, the bright yellow house boasts huge arched front doors and columns framing the front entrance. Conserve time to research the house’s vibrant front lawn, packed with flora and foliage, the backyard’s colors replicate the vibrant color palettes of this artist herself.

Visit Emily Carr House to get a look at how one of Canada’s most renowned artists and writers lived. Charge: Wesley Brandon Rosenblum

  1. Christ Church Cathedral

Seeking the job of a 14th-century Parisian builder, the Christ Church Cathedral was Constructed in 1929. Open daily for tours, the building’s stone base is striking both indoors and outside. (Inside suggestion: Walk on the church’s particular, seven-circuit labyrinth in their submerged yard, which can be said to help spark imagination, concentrate your mind and leave you feeling focused.)

  1. Gonzales Observatory

A weather channel for 75 decades, the observatory currently stands as a panoramic heritage building in the Gonzales Hill Regional Park. Toward sunset, create the quick walk around the very best for amazing views of Victoria, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Olympic Mountains, Sooke Hills, the Salish Sea as well as the Victoria Clipper as she enrolls past.

  1. Mile “0”

Located adjacent to Beacon Hill Park, Mile”0″ of this Trans-Canada Highway marks the Beginning of the 8,000 kilometers (roughly 4,860 miles) street crossing the width of Canada. The longest street in the world, it’s the Canadian equivalent to America’s Route 66 with several quirky roadside attractions along its sides.

  1. Trial Island Lighthouse

In case you’ve got a fantastic eye, you may spot this iconic lighthouse off to the best as you cruise in the Inner Harbour on the Clipper. Once on property, the lighthouse is readily observable from Clover Point or Beacon Hill Park’s waterfront.

  1. Point Ellice House

Fully supplied together with all the O’Reilly family’s first and personal possessions, that this Italianate bungalow presents among the most complete collections of Victoriana anywhere in North America. Subsequently, duck out and wander through the house’s stunning gardens.

Called the biggest surviving natural and heritage landscape around the Gorge Waterway, the reasons are home to heirloom plantings in addition to a number of wildlife. Look around catch sight of barred owls, eagles, and other raptors roost in the adult trees or see along the coastline for river otters, raccoons and the occasional mink.

Soak at the Sights with Victoria’s Popular Tours & Attractions

  1. Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Approximately 30 minutes north of Victoria, the tropical jungle which is your Victoria Butterfly Gardens & Insectarium is home to tens of thousands of butterflies — some 70 species! Inside you will also find lush gardens chock full of freshwater plants, frogs, koi fish, tortoises, big iguanas and free-flying birds. Pop to the insectarium and take a look at the social behaviour of a leaf cutter ant colony since they assert their habitat.

  1. Victoria Food Tour

Have a bite from Victoria and treat your self to the top of this town’s culinary scene onto a two-hour guided walking tour. Embark on an experience you can really sink your teeth with samples of everything from sweet, hot barbecue grill to fragile macarons that flavor like they’ve come directly from France. The best part? You will leave armed with a listing of insider recommendations on hidden jewels around town!

  1. Cowichan Valley Wine Country Tour

Unwind Up Town at the lush Cowichan Valley. When it is a romantic date getaway or some women’ weekend escape , a visit to the valley’s world-renowned vineyards, paired together with stops in amazing viewpoints on the way, is guaranteed to make you feeling refreshed.

Taste some of Vancouver Island’s best wines in sprawling vineyards. Charge: Island Time Tours

  1. Victoria Bug Zoo

Experience a microcosm of miracle at Victoria’s Bug Zoo, which is home to roughly 50 interesting insects, arachnids and millipedes, such as Canada’s largest ant colony. Shatter your worries and get hands on with reside walking sticks, praying mantis and glow-in-the-dark scorpions at this must-see mini zoo.

  1. Victoria Public Market in the Hudson

Constructed in 1912, the industry now includes towering concrete ceilings and is home to a coffee shop, sexy yoga studio and, needless to say, local artisan tables and also an acclaimed farmers marketplace. Stock up on yummy eats from Salt Island Cheese, Ravenstone Farm Artisan Meats and French Oven Bakery and head over to Beacon Hill Park to enjoy a picnic dinner overlooking the sea.

Feast on a number of market-fresh berries. Charge: Destination Greater Victoria

  1. Victoria Food Trucks

Should you want a fast snack break whilst researching downtown Victoria, look no farther than the town’s army of tasty food trucks. From sweet and savory waffles in the Wannawafel Cart to grilled cheese or macaroni in Grilled into the Mac, you are going to be tempted to test all of them while you are in town!

  1. Ghost Tour

Called the very haunted town in BC, Victoria provides no lack of spooky places to visit. Bastion Square, previously a courthouse ruled by”the hanging judge,” Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, is just one of Victoria’s most haunted places.

Catch a Kayak, Golf Club or Bike and Get Busy!

  1. Kayak Discovery Island

Experience Vancouver Island’s wild and rugged West Coast within a romantic and one of a kind kayaking excursion as you paddle through the Discovery Island archipelago. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water soaking in majestic views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, San Juan Islands and the Olympic Mountains in addition to a picnic along with a guided nature walk on the island’s driftwood-strewn shore. Reserve this excursion with Clipper, learn more.

Get up close and personal with beautiful wildlife, from sea lions and lions to orca, gray and minke whales as you paddle through the Salish Sea. Charge: Ocean River Adventures

  1. Golfing

Spend a stunning summer day placing your swing into the test on a number of the island’s greatest links! Jutting stones, roaring rivers and scenic mountain and ocean views offer a jaw-dropping backdrop for its rustic Bear Mountain Golf Club & Academy, situated just outside Victoria. Reserve this excursion with Clipper, learn more.

  1. Zip Line Item

Take your heart pumping as you encounter over the Sooke rainforest within an AdrenaLINE Zipline Adventure Tour. Eight ziplines ranging from 150-1,000 ft long and up to 150 ft high will provide you an adrenaline rush and supply a bird’s-eye view of Vancouver Island’s magnificent mountain and sea vistas.

Hurry throughout the treetops of Sooke’s magnificent old growth rainforest. Charge: Adrenaline

  1. Paddle Boarding

See the town from the ocean! Learn the fundamentals of stand up paddle boarding in Victoria’s Inner Harbour with a three-hour introductory class. Not only are you going to receive a opportunity to strengthen your bond with your pals, but you will also get a opportunity to soak in the natural splendor of British Columbia. Reserve this excursion with Clipper, learn more.

  1. Bicycle Tour of Castles, Hoods & Legends

Craving a little fresh air, exercise and fun? Receive a Peek at Victoria’s legendary landmarks from behind the handlebars of a secondhand bike on a two-hour guided tour through Chinatown, Beacon Hill and Cook Street Village. Reserve this excursion with Clipper, learn more.

  1. Beacon Hill Wind & Kite Surfing

Birds are not the only thing from the atmosphere on a sunny Victoria day. Head to Beacon Hill’s shore and see as adrenaline junkies visit the heavens. Or venture farther down the path to blustery street to Clover Point, where Unbelievable views of the Olympic Mountains and Strait of Juan de Fuca make for one hell of a kiteboarding place.

  1. Mount Washington

Situated three hours Island, Mount Washington is home to a gorgeous mountaintop ski hotel. Following a day of hiking, then visit the water to get a beachfront bike ride or ski diving in Vancouver Island’s beautifully manicured waters.

  1. Dallas Road

Be one with nature and experience the scenic Dallas Road on two wheels! Pedal across the southern end of Victoria and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to soak in wraparound beachfront views. (Inside suggestion: Ride all the way to Clover Point to catch sight of enormous waves crashing against the shore)

  1. Whale Watching

Depart downtown Victoria within a thrilling Five Star’s whale watching tour within an enclosed, 40-person catamaran with above-deck watching. Cruise through the waters of the Gulf Islands and Strait of Juan de Fuca and soak in phenomenal views as you see orcas, humpbacks, sea lions and bald eagles dash and play in their natural habitat.

  1. Thetis Lake and Matheson Lake

On a hot summer day, there is nothing greater than a refreshing dip in one of those area’s numerous lakes. Utilize Victoria as a home base, bus or bike your way neighborhood favorites like Thetis Lake and Matheson Lake and while away the afternoon swimming in their trendy blue waters.

  1. Kinsol Trestle

Also referred to as the Koksilah River Trestle, the Kinsol Trestle is a huge wooden railroad trestle that crosses the salmon-bearing Koksilah River north of Shawnigan Lake. Among those tallest-free standing railroad trestles from the Earth, that the 144-foot high structure functions up views of this area you haven’t ever seen before.

Soak in awe-inspiring viewpoints as you pedal within this wooden railway trestle crossing the Koksilah River north of Shawnigan Lake. Charge: Dale Simonson

  1. Finlayson

Enjoy the stunning ocean view beneath the four km round-trip road . Make sure to bring lots of water and use care, this course can become really steep.

  1. Breakwater in Ogden Point

A magnificent walkway jutting out roughly 800 meters from the coast, the vibrant breakwater is the go-to place for grabbing the ideal Victorian sunrise. Snap a selfie in the conclusion, and cause significant FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) from all of your pals.

  1. Mill Hill Regional Park

Among Victoria’s hidden jewels, and situated not too far from town, there’s not any better place for a day increase than Mill Hill Regional Park. Make the simple 200-meter scale to catch sight of meadows filled with amazing wildflowers in addition to views of Esquimalt Harbour, downtown Victoria and the neighboring hill and hills.

  1. Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

A farm in the center of town expects within lovely Beacon Hill Park. Allow the kiddos get up close and personal with pigs, donkeys, chickens and peacocks. Grab the “Running of the Goats” at 10:10 a.m. and 5:10 p.m. every day and watch a furry friend, bleating stampede underfoot!

Small ones can cuddle up together with the friendly goats in Beacon Hill Park’s Children’s Farm. Charge: Destination Greater Victoria

  1. Elk & Beaver Regional Park

In summer time, the Saanich Peninsula is difficult to beat. Just North of Victoria, Elk and Beaver Lake Regional Park is the regional favorite, where swimming, canoeing, kayaking and water skiing are all popular methods for cooling . Both areas have sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing in the shade or tanning from the island sunshine.

  1. Ross Bay Cemetery

The grounds of this favorite Ross Bay Cemetery make for a gorgeous walk, so make sure you have your camera ready. Keep a look out for the graves of a number of Victoria’s famous citizens (Emily Carr! Judge Begbie!) .

  1. Lone Tree Hill

With a few of the finest views on the island, Lone Tree Hill offers breathtaking vistas of the Malahat, the Highlands, Victoria and the distant Olympic Mountains. As an additional bonus, the hilltop is a great place for bird watching. Watch out for bald eagles, ravens and turkey vultures riding the winds!

  1. Surfing Lessons 

Tofino’s reputation for good surf is famous throughout the island, and also the city caters to beginning surfers using a couple of excellent surf schools. A drive across North Tofino’s Campbell Street must become over a few choices for getting you out to the ditch. Hashtag, #EPIC.

Tofino’s wild waves create for a few of the greatest browsing locales in the West Coast. Charge: Michael Swan

  1. Westsong Walkway

Cross that the Johnson Street Bridge and take the road, only on the other side, to the Gorgeous Westsong Walkway into the West Bay Marina. Soak up the views from round the Inner Harbour, then choose a Harbour Ferry in case you don’t need to walk to your return trip.

  1. Circle Tour

Wish to research outside Victoria’s downtown core? Get a set of in Budget downtown and head to get a scenic drive along Vancouver Island’s magnificent country streets. Traveling up the Malahat Highway (Hwy 1) toward Mill Bay, taking the time to soak in the views on the way. Catch lunch dockside in Bridgeman’s Bistro before jumping on the Mill Bay Ferry across the Saanich Inlet.


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