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Blowing out a tire can be an awful experience, so we hope the tire is flat because of a slow leak. It’s possible you have a nail stuck in your tire and it will be an easy patch and hopefully you have a spare in the trunk, but no matter the issue we can assist you if you need flat tire repair. Our certified technicians will be happy to help you with a quick tire change or help tow your vehicle to a service station if need be.

Tow Truck Titans Victoria Towing Company has been locally owned and operated for decades, so we know all the best and most affordable tire shops in town. If you need any help picking the right service center just ask one of our technicians and they’ll be sure your car or truck is towed there in an efficient and safe manner. Please remember, if all you need is help changing a spare tire, keep in mind we are happy to do what it takes to get you back road.

It’s definitely more economical to get your flat tire changed roadside than it is to have your vehicle towed to a repair shop. With that said, the condition of your spare tire is important and it will save you money.  Tires are generally OK for 10 years – so you might need to replace your spare tire if it’s older that a decade. The manufacture date should be on the sidewall of the tire.

Need to make it to a local tire store in Victoria or the Lower Mainland Area? Our tow truck service can bring you anywhere, anytime!

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Towing Service in Victoria BC Please pass my gratitude to the owner of this towing company. I was actually had my tire flat running along the city and had my car stranded at the roadside. I don't have anyone to fix it so I looked up towing services online and give it a try.

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